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Regions at a Glance

image : desmond lee

timor-leste explorer loop Image Source : Lonely Planet



Dili hosts, or is the start and finish line, for all of Timor-Leste’s events, including the Dili Marathon and tour de Timor.

It’s not all hard work; you can also have a night out at the sunset Fair.


Some of Timor-Leste’s best diving is right in Dili, over-looked by embassy Row.

You don’t have to go far to see an array of marine life and coral.


The Dining scene in Dili exceeds expectations for a city of its size.

The real treats come from the sea, with freshly caught fish and lobster served at roadside stalls, top-end restaurants and everything in between.

East of Dili

map_east of dili

The white sandy beaches on the north coast that lie east of dili are amazing, and most of the time you will have them to your-self.

For a real slice of paradise, head to Tutuala’s beach.


Some of Timor-Leste’s most renowned dive sites can be found within an hour or so from Dili.

Rock walls, schools of fish and pristine coral can all be found here.


The east’s interior was once the resis-tance hideout, but now it is a trekker’s nirvana.

Mt Mate-bian and the ‘Lost World’ of Mundo Perdido are waiting to be explored.

West of Dili

map_west of dili

Timor-Leste’s world-class diving also extends west from Dili to Maubara Although there are fewer dive sites, there is still some great diving to be had.


Timor-Leste boasts numerous hot springs, but the Marobo springs are, by far, the best and most popular.

South of Dili

map_south of dili

The three-hour climb to the top of Mt Ramelau is a must-do for visitors.

Look out over this amazing landscape from the top of Timor-Leste’s highest peak.


While not as nice as the north coast, the darker sand beaches of the south are still great for swimming and, at times, surfing.


Just north of Dili is Dare, where you will find a museum commemorating the East Timorese, Portuguese, Dutch and Australians who fought the Japanese here in WWII.

Relics can also been seen in Aileu and Betano.

Atauro Island

dili_atauro island

The eco-resorts on Atauro Island are just the place to chill out for a few days, catch up on reading and enjoy the peaceful island pace.


Can dive all around the island using the boat.

You can see a variety of marine organism and pristine coral at this place.

You may also see some migrating whales on the way out from Dili.


Less developed than some of Timor-Leste’s treks, there is plenty of exploring to be done for the more adventurous, although it is best to go with a guide.

Mt Manucoco, Atauro Island’s highest peak, is a great place to start.



For the adventurous trekker, Oecussi has a lot to offer. Shorter treks include the village of Kutet, north of pantemak-assar.

Guides can take you on long treks to other spectacular places in the enclave.


While there is no diving scene here, there is some great snorkeling.

You won’t have to venture far from Pante-makassar; try the beach in front of the concelho(administrative office) or the former Japanese Peacekeepers Compound at Mahata.

Source : Lonely Planet